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Adult Education

Update: There will not be GOAL Orientation Testing on Friday, May 12, and Friday, May 19.

Through the GOAL (Greater Opportunities through Adult Learning) program at Drake State students can receive FREE Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and General Educational Development (GED) Classes focused on assisting them in obtaining the knowledge and skills required for self-sufficiency and employment. Classes are designed to be open-entry open-exit, meaning students can enroll throughout the year.

Adult Education students can register/enroll on Fridays at 8:30 AM.

Classes provide a second opportunity for adult learners committed to improving their academic and life skills which will:

  • Allow all adults to obtain basic skills necessary to function in society and to have a positive effect on the literacy of their children.
  • Enable adult learners who desire to continue their education to at least the level of completion of secondary schools.
  • Make available to adult learners the means to obtain training that will allow them to become more employable, productive, and responsible citizens.

Non-traditional High School Diploma Option

The Alabama Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option (HSO) is an alternative to the GED high school equivalency, designed for students who have completed all of the required credits for graduation but failed the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) or students who have dropped out of the traditional high school setting.

The program provides two options:

  • Option 1 – For an adult who attended an Alabama high school and earned enough credits to graduate, but did not pass the high school graduation exam.
  • Option 2 – For an adult who earned 10 or more credits from an Alabama high school and requires additional credits for high school completion.

Areas of instruction

  • Basic Skills Instruction
  • GED Preparation – traditional and online classroom support
  • ESL Services – English Language Development

Basic Skills and GED prep

Drake State classes are designed to assess our learner’s basic skills. ABS Classes are for students who do not have a high school diploma and need to review and improve basic reading, math, and language skills. Anyone who needs to upgrade reading and math skills can benefit from this service. A pre-test will help you assess your current skills and will identify specific areas where you can improve those skills to make you more employable. Because the program is individualized, the length of preparation depends on each student’s abilities, starting level, attendance, and motivation.

GED Preparation with Online Lessons

The Adult Education program at Drake State is stretching the boundaries of learning into the 21st century for those seeking a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) by offering this online component. GED online lessons is the first continuing adult education website dedicated to helping you prepare online for the GED High School Equivalency Diploma Test. Participants who commit themselves and complete the course successfully can be confident in the attempt to pass the GED test. You can continue your high school adult education by working at your own pace. This unique feature we’ve integrated in the classroom increases the probability of more students successfully passing and removes the limits of achieving a high school diploma.


Drake State offers students who successfully complete the GED exam one tuition FREE college level class for credit. Students who have completed the GED may want to continue their education, and our goal is to help them earn an associate’s degree or training certificate.



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