Employee Directory

EmployeePhone NumberEmail
Employee: Winn, Russell
Humanities Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3121
Email: russell.winn@drakestate.edu
Employee: Winchester, Brandi
Mathematics Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3137
Email: brandi.winchester@drakestate.edu
Employee: Williams, Kelly
Division Chair of Applied Services
Phone Number: 256-551-5225
Email: kelly.williams@drakestate.edu
Employee: Williams, Tyler
Adv Mfg Machine Tool Technology Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3144
Email: tyler.williams@drakestate.edu
Employee: Wheeler, Eunice
Biology Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-1706
Email: eunice.wheeler@drakestate.edu
Employee: Ward, Mattavia
Coordinator of Completion and Transfer Services
Phone Number: 256-551-3114
Email: mattavia.ward@drakestate.edu
Employee: Taylor, Kacey
Computer Info Systems & Technology Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3155
Email: kacey.taylor@drakestate.edu
Employee: Swaim,Mark
Automotive Technology Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3143
Email: mark.swaim@drakestate.edu
Employee: Sims, Rebecca
Health Sciences Program Assistant
Phone Number: 256-551-3156
Email: rebecca.sims@drakestate.edu
Employee: Sims, Patricia
Phone Number: 256-551-3117
Email: patricia.sims@drakestate.edu
Employee: Shotts, Lesley
Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Title III
Phone Number: 256-551-5206
Email: lesley.shotts@drakestate.edu
Employee: Raymond, Alice
Health Sciences Division Chair/Director of Innovation and Program Success
Phone Number: 256-551-3148
Email: alice.raymond@drakestate.edu
Employee: Ray, Karen
Director of Workforce Development
Phone Number: 256-551-5227
Email: karen.ray@drakestate.edu
Employee: Rafferty, Kory
Welding Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3103
Email: kory.rafferty@drakestate.edu
Employee: Pfeiffer, Carl
Adult Education Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3290
Email: carl.pfeiffer@drakestate.edu
Employee: Peeples-Rice, Alethea
Mathematics Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-1712
Email: alethea.rice@drakestate.edu
Employee: Pearce, Regina
Student Services Program Assistant
Phone Number: 256-551-7274
Email: regina.pearce@drakestate.edu
Employee: Patton, Tina
Staff Secretary (Human Resources)
Phone Number: 256-551-7278
Email: tina.patton@drakestate.edu
Employee: Patterson, Christina
Accounts Receivable Clerk/Cashier
Phone Number: 256-551-3106
Email: christina.patterson@drakestate.edu
Employee: Parrish, Tessa
Planning & Title III Program Assistant
Phone Number: 256-551-1703
Email: tessa.parrish@drakestate.edu
Employee: O’Linger, Jennifer
Director of Financial Aid
Phone Number: 256-551-3125
Email: jennifer.olinger@drakestate.edu
Employee: Morrison, Bruce
Financial Aid Clerk
Phone Number: 256-551-3113
Email: bruce.morrison@drakestate.edu
Employee: McLaughlin, Stephanie
Nursing Instructor
Phone Number: 256-265-0950
Email: stephanie.mclaughlin@drakestate.edu
Employee: McClaflin, Courtney
Nursing Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-7288
Email: courtney.mcclaflin@drakestate.edu
Employee: McCarty, Shaun
Maintenance Employee
Phone Number: 256-551-1705
Email: shawn.mccarty@drakestate.edu
Employee: Mbuguje, Mukesha
Nursing Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-1715
Email: mukesha.mbuguje@drakestate.edu
Employee: Mayer, Levi
Assistant Dean of Instruction
Phone Number: 256-551-7287
Email: levi.mayer@drakestate.edu
Employee: Little, Bertha
Cosmetology/Barbering Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-1702
Email: bertha.little@drakestate.edu
Employee: Lawrence, Kia
Transcript Evaluator
Phone Number: 256-551-9517
Email: kia.marrow@drakestate.edu
Employee: Kingsbury, Marina
Director of Grants/Sponsored Programs
Phone Number: 256-551-7285
Email: marina.kingsbury@drakestate.edu
Employee: Jones, Donyale
Testing Coordinator
Phone Number: 256-551-3116
Email: donyale.jones@drakestate.edu
Employee: Jackson, Terell
Secretary to the President
Phone Number: 256-551-7267
Email: terell.jackson@drakestate.edu
Employee: Hernandez, Anthony
IT Help Desk Assistant
Phone Number: 256-551-5240
Email: anthony.hernandez@drakestate.edu
Employee: Henry, Casey
Heating and Air Conditioning Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3138
Email: casey.henry@drakestate.edu
Employee: Henderson, Carolyn
Dean of Instruction
Phone Number: 256-551-5226
Email: carolyn.henderson@drakestate.edu
Employee: Harris, Katrina
Chief Accountant
Phone Number: 256-551-3107
Email: katrina.harris@drakestate.edu
Employee: Harlow, Victor
Information Technology Support Specialist
Phone Number: 256-551-3126
Email: victor.harlow@drakestate.edu
Employee: Harbin, Glenn
Coordinator of Information Technology
Phone Number: 256-551-7299
Email: glenn.harbin@drakestate.edu
Employee: Hampton, Darlene
Office Professional
Phone Number: 256-551-7268
Email: darlene.hampton@drakestate.edu
Employee: Hamlet, Archie
Maintenance Employee
Phone Number: 256-551-1705
Email: archie.hamlet@drakestate.edu
Employee: Hambrick, Neoka
Veterans Coordinator
Phone Number: 256-551-3127
Email: neoka.hambrick@drakestate.edu
Employee: Greene, April
Maintenance Employee
Phone Number: 256-551-1705
Email: april.greene@drakestate.edu
Employee: Green, Tiffany
Student Success Specialist
Phone Number: 256-551-7265
Email: tiffany.green@drakestate.edu
Employee: Goodloe, Lardell
Electricity Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3157
Email: lardell.goodloe@drakestate.edu
Employee: Fury, Lilia
Adult Education Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-5212
Email: lilia.fury@drakestate.edu
Employee: Forbes, Edwin
English Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-1707
Email: ed.forbes@drakestate.edu
Employee: Ennis, Tina
Nursing Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-1710
Email: tina.ennis@drakestate.edu
Employee: Ellis, John
Adv Mfg Engineering Design Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3158
Email: john.ellis@drakestate.edu
Employee: Driskill, ChrisAnn
Administrative Assistant
Phone Number: 256-551-7286
Email: chrisann.driskill@drakestate.edu
Employee: Drake, Robert
Enrollment Advisor/Recruiter
Phone Number: 256-551-9505
Email: robert.drake@drakestate.edu
Employee: Deem, Emily
Academic Completion Specialist
Phone Number: 256-551-9501
Email: emily.deem@drakestate.edu
Employee: Davis, Mattie
Nursing Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3159
Email: mattie.davis@drakestate.edu
Employee: Clift, Carla
Director of Library Services
Phone Number: 256-551-3120
Email: carla.clift@drakestate.edu
Employee: Clark, Taska
Secretary to the Dean of Instruction
Phone Number: 256-551-3122
Email: taska.clark@drakestate.edu
Employee: Clark, Tammie
Adv Mfg Engineering Design Instructor
Phone Number: 265-551-5203
Email: tammie.clark@drakestate.edu
Employee: Clark, Casey
PC and Network Technician
Phone Number: 256-551-7280
Email: casey.clark@drakestate.edu
Employee: Chavers, Audrey
Accounts Payable Clerk
Phone Number: 256-551-1719
Email: audrey.chavers@drakestate.edu
Employee: Chance, Katie
Human Resources Specialist
Phone Number: 256-551-5214
Email: katie.chance@drakestate.edu
Employee: Burruss, Lauren
Medical Assisting Technology Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-7284
Email: lauren.burruss@drakestate.edu
Employee: Bulluck, Bruce
Director of Operations
Phone Number: 256-551-5210
Email: bruce.bulluck@drakestate.edu
Employee: Bruski, Matthew
Lead Maintenance Employee
Phone Number: 256-551-7261
Email: matthew.bruski@drakestate.edu
Employee: Borden, Dennis
Assistant Director of Library Services
Phone Number: 256-551-5218
Email: dennis.borden@drakestate.edu
Employee: Bibb, Bonnie
Nursing Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-7268
Email: bonnie.bibb@drakestate.edu
Employee: Bevel, Joseph
Welding Instructor
Phone Number: 256-551-3152
Email: joseph.bevel@drakestate.edu
Employee: Bell, Nicole
Dean of Students
Phone Number: 256-551-3129
Email: nicole.bell@drakestate.edu
Employee: Baker, Elijah
Public Relations Coordinator
Phone Number: 256-551-3108
Email: elijah.baker@drakestate.edu
Employee: Alexander, Akeem
Executive Director of Fiscal Affairs & Administrative Services
Phone Number: 256-551-3130
Email: akeem.alexander@drakestate.edu

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