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Fast Track Academy

The Fast Track Academy is a FREE 7-week summer program for recent high school graduates who need additional math and English instruction to be better prepared for college. The program includes in-person prep math and English classes, a college orientation course, and testing services to be sure students are receiving the support they need.

Regulations & Requirements


Signing-in and out for each class period is required. Students are allowed no more than two absences for math and English. They’re allowed one absence for their freshman seminar course (ORI 101). Any absences exceeding the permitted days in the attendance policy will result in immediate dismissal from the program.


Students are responsible for lost instructional time due to tardiness and absences. Students should take advantage of the online resources provided to keep up with the class.


Food is not allowed in the classroom, but students are welcome to bring beverages in class.


Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are not allowed during class time.

Learning Objective

Students are required to demonstrate mastery of concepts taught. Mastery is defined as scoring 80% or higher on concept quizzes.


  • Students must obtain and use a parking permit (hangtag) issued by the Drake State IT Department.
  • Wear appropriate clothing in the classroom.
  • Weapons and tobacco products are not permitted on campus.