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The Drake State Testing Center is committed to creating a positive atmosphere where students feel comfortable and confident that they will receive services in a professional manner and in a relaxed environment.

Most testing is done on a walk-in basis—first come, first served.

Tests offered


ACCUPLACER tests your knowledge in math, reading, and writing. Over 1,500 institutions administer ACCUPLACER tests as part of the enrollment process. These tests help identify your strengths and needs in each subject area. ACCUPLACER interactive online learning tools are available to help you sharpen your skills. The academic advisors and counselors at your college or technical school will use your ACCUPLACER test results along with information about your academic background, goals, and interests to help you take courses that match your skill level and give you the best opportunities for success.


Thanks to ACCUPLACER’s online format, the test questions are based on your responses to each question you’ve already answered. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty depending on your answers as you work through the test. ACCUPLACER tests are untimed, so you can move at a comfortable pace. It’s important to give yourself enough time to do your best and complete the test because your results are the key factor in determining the courses you can take. Your results will be available immediately after you take the test. It’s a good idea to ask your academic adviser about Drake’s testing policies and procedures. That way, you’re prepared and can plan accordingly.

How to Prepare for ACCUPLACER

You can prepare for ACCUPLACER by taking advantage of the study tools and resources offered. Use these tools to become familiar with the types and format of ACCUPLACER test questions. They can help you identify the academic areas where you may need a little help, and prepare to improve. Access hundreds of questions to familiarize yourself with the ACCUPLACER basic content and experience.

ACT Residual Exam

The ACT Residual Exam is for application to the Drake State College Nursing Program. Scores from the ACT Residual tests given at Drake State may be applied to other Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Schools only. Test scores are generally available 4-6 weeks after the test date. Please plan to test accordingly so that you will receive your scores prior to your application deadline. To register, reach out to the Testing Center.

For registration to be complete, payment ($63) must be made to the Business Office (Room 504) by the registration deadline. Space is limited. It is recommended to register and pay as soon as possible. The fee is non-refundable and reserves a place for the originally scheduled test date only. Please bring the receipt of payment along with your photo identification.

  • ACT Residual Test candidates may bring an ACT approved calculator, number 2 (non-mechanical) pencils and a watch that is not internet connected.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • ACT® requires that individuals re-taking the Residual ACT® wait 60 days between tests.
  • Testing candidates must arrive on time; there is no late entry.
  • Candidates must provide an unexpired photo ID that matches their registration name. Options include: Driver’s License, Drake ID, Passport, or other government issued ID.
  • Number 2 pencils and scratch paper will be provided; students may bring their own Number 2 pencils.
  • No personal items will be allowed. No cell phones.
  • Scores are generally available 4-6 weeks after the testing date.
  • Scores from Residual Testing are reported only to Drake State. No Student Reports will be generated and the score will not appear on your transcript.
  • Temperature checks will be administered.
  • Masks are required.

WorkKeys® assessments are the cornerstone of Workforce Solutions. The assessments help you measure the workplace skills that can affect your job performance. WorkKeys assessments are:

  • Unique—Unlike other assessments, they don’t simply give an indication of reading and writing competency. Instead, they measure a range of hard and soft skills relevant to any occupation, at any level, and in any industry.
  • Recognized—Successful completion of WorkKeys assessments can lead to earning an National Career Readiness Certificate™ (NCRC®)—a credential that verifies foundational workplace skills. Tens of thousands of employers recognize the value of the NCRC, and many recommend the credential to candidates.

WorkKeys Assessments

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring real world skills that employers believe are critical to job success. Drake State offers computerized WorkKeys assessments in the following areas:

  • Applied Math
  • Graphic Literacy
  • Workplace Documents

The State of Alabama has adopted the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). The NCRC is an assessment-based credential which utilizes ACT’s WorkKeys. This credentialing gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills. The certificate levels are listed below:

  • Bronze Certificate = Level 3
  • Silver Certificate = Level 4
  • Gold Certificate = Level 5
  • Platinum Certificate = Level 6

The assessment is also available to the general public at a cost of $15 per exam.

WorkKeys is offered weekly: Monday and Wednesday, 8:30 am or 2:00 pm, Friday – 8:00 am only.

Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC)

APOSTC applicants can contact Drake State to schedule a time for the WorkKeys assessment.

The applicants will be assessed in the following skill areas:

  • Workplace Documents
  • Graphic Literacy
  • Applied Mathematics

Minimum Scores for Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer applicants:

Law Enforcement Officer

  • Applied Mathematics – Level 3
  • Graphic Literacy – Level 4
  • Workplace Documents – Level 4

Correctional Officer

  • Applied Mathematics – Level 3
  • Graphic Literacy – Level 3
  • Workplace Documents – Level 3
  • The cost is $15 per section / $45 for all 3 sections.
  • Drake State accepts cash or major credit cards.
  • Applicants should allow approximately three hours for the assessment.
  • Applicants are required to show a driver’s license photo ID.
  • WorkKeys testing is offered weekly: Monday and Wednesday, 8:30 am or 2:00 pm, Friday – 8:00 am only.
GED – Let’s Talk – this is too much text – maybe its own page?


To register for the GED exam, go to GED.com. Students may take any or all parts of the test at their option and convenience, limited only by the availability of testing appointments on the date and time of their choosing.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each GED® exam is $30 per section or $120 for the entire series of exams (with no retakes). You may pay for and take one subject at a time or multiple subjects if you choose.

What topics are on the test?

Each subject tests your skills and knowledge in different topics.

  • Math – Quantitative & algebraic problem solving (115 minutes)
  • Science – Life science, physical science, earth and space science (90 minutes)
  • Social Studies – Civics and government, U.S. history, economics, geography and the world (70 minutes)
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts – Ability to read closely, write clearly, and edit and understand written text (150 minutes)

What types of questions are on the test?

The GED® test is made up of the following types of questions:

  • Multiple choice
  • Drag and drop
  • Hot spot (select an area)
  • Fill in the blank
  • Short answer
  • Extended response
Pearson Vue Exams

Pearson is the world’s leading education company. From preschool to high school, early learning to professional certification, its curriculum material, multimedia learning tools and testing programs help educate more than 100 million people globally. Pearson’s businesses also include the Financial Times Group, one of the world’s leading business information companies and the world-famous publishers, the Penguin Group.

Pearson VUE is the global leader in computer-based testing for IT, academic, government, and professional programs. In 2011, Pearson VUE delivered over 10 million tests worldwide. A business of Pearson, the company manages the world’s largest, most secure test center network which comprises over 5,000 centers in more than 175 countries.

For which IT companies does Pearson VUE deliver computer-based tests?

Pearson VUE delivers industry-recognized computer-based tests on behalf of some of the world’s leading IT companies.

Are computer-based exams considered more credible than pencil and paper-based exams?

Pearson VUE applies robust security measures to ensure not only exam credibility, but client and candidate credibility, too. In addition to being more secure, computer-based testing is considered the most efficient and effective way to assess.

Wouldn’t it be quicker to write rather than type answers?

Most candidates use a computer every day, whether at home or at work, and find it quicker to answer questions using Computer Based Testing (CBT). The method also allows them to edit their answers quickly and clearly, thereby reducing ambiguity and allowing for faster exam scoring.

What if my PC crashes halfway through my exam or there is a power outage in the center?

Pearson VUE’s test delivery software will save your responses every 30 seconds, so if there is a power outage your answers can be retrieved.

How does Pearson VUE ensure test centers are secure and distraction-free?

Pearson VUE test centers are proctored environments. The admission process is designed to prevent proxy testing – IDs are checked and the electronic photo and signature of the candidate is captured. Unlike traditional testing environments, Pearson VUE centers are designed to be distraction-free with ample space between candidates – enabling them to better focus on their test.

Can computer-based IT exams only be taken during certain times of the year?

Most exams can be sat on-demand, allowing candidates to test throughout the year at a date and location most convenient to them.

How long will it take to find out my results?

Most candidates receive their results instantly, allowing them to make immediate plans regarding the next stage of their education or career.

How does Pearson VUE accommodate disabled candidates?

Each Pearson VUE test center complies with disability-related legislation. Most centers are equipped with separate rooms and offer facilities such as height adjustable desks.

How do I schedule a test with Pearson VUE?

Go to the program list and select the relevant test program from the Test Taker Services section. Next, select ‘Schedule a Test’ on the right-hand side of the page and complete the necessary fields. Upon confirming the booking, you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE. At a minimum, this confirmation will contain information such as the time, date, and location of your test, including directions to the test center.

How do I reschedule a test?

Go to the program list and select the relevant test program from the Test Taker Services section. Once you have chosen your test program, select ‘Reschedule a Test’ on the right-hand side and complete the necessary fields.

How do I cancel a test?

Go to the program list and select your test program from the Test Taker Services section. Once you have chosen your testing program, select ‘Cancel a Test’ on the right-hand side and complete the necessary fields.

What happens if I forget my Pearson VUE username and/or password?

Click on the sign-in page relevant to your program and select either ‘I forgot my username’ or ‘I forgot my password’. Provide the details required and you will then be able to recover your username and/or reset your password.

What if I have a problem?

You can call Pearson VUE’s customer service center and choose your relevant program and region.

How early should I arrive at the test center on the day of my test?

Typically, you are asked to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will give you an opportunity to check-in and relax prior to beginning your test. The amount of time you are asked to arrive at the center before your scheduled appointment time differs for each program. You will receive a confirmation email with program-specific information.

What happens when I arrive to take an exam?

When candidates arrive for an exam, they go through a standard admissions process. Candidates are asked to provide two forms of identification, to agree in writing to a set of exam rules, and to sign a log sheet. In most cases, your photo and signature will be digitally captured as they would appear on your results report. Some exam sponsors may have other identification or check-in requirements. You can review Pearson VUE’s privacy policy.

What ID do I need to bring to the test?

Typically, you are asked to bring two forms of identification, including one government-issued photo identification. Some test programs may have additional requirements. The items you are asked to bring differs for each test program. You will receive a confirmation email with program-specific information.

How often are test centers open for testing?

Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers usually operate during regular business hours. However, some centers may have evening or weekend appointments available. For test center availability, log in to your Pearson VUE account or contact a Pearson VUE representative.

Testing Center Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that our services are provided in a secure, confidential, and efficient manner:

  • Students must present an unexpired picture ID (no test will be given without proper ID).
  • Closed-circuit cameras are used to monitor all activity in the testing center.
  • Any item not required for your exam including notes, books, purses, calculators, and/or cell phones must be left outside of the testing room. Lockers are provided for your convenience. All electronics will need to be turned off.
  • The Testing Center assumes no responsibility for personal belongings.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing room.
  • No phone calls are allowed while taking an exam.
  • Respect others by remaining quiet during your exam.
  • Only students taking an exam are allowed in the Testing Center – no children or pets.
  • When your exam is completed, all materials, including scratch paper, must be given to the Testing Center staff.
  • Any accommodation requests will need to be made in advance through Counseling Services.
  • Testing Center personnel may end a test session if all directions and procedures are not followed.

If you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your exam, please notify Testing Center personnel.


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  • Friday
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