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Application Requirements

In order to ensure full consideration of your credentials for positions of interest, please adhere to the following guidelines when completing an application for employment:
  • Your application MUST be completed in its entirety in order to be given full consideration. This includes all degrees awarded, institutions attended, work history, and credentials. “See Resume” will not be accepted in lieu of application completion.
  • Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Please complete each item thoroughly. Resumes are a required attachment, but not a substitute for the completion of the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all required information and documents are provided.
  • List each employer and/or position held separately. Be sure to include your duties for each position when you worked for one employer and held more than one position. As you describe your work history, make sure you highlight your competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and work behaviors) which demonstrate your qualifications for the position for which you are applying.
  • Once the application has been submitted to a particular posting, NO additional changes to the application can be made. Please be absolutely sure everything is completed and attached before final submission. After 24 hours, you may submit a revised application. The most recent complete application will be advanced to the hiring manager.


References, including names, contact information, and relationships are required at the time of application. You must include professional references only, preferably past or current supervisors.


Faculty Positions

Unofficial transcripts from institutions granting credit relevant to the requirements of the position, plus any higher degrees, MUST be electronically attached to your application to be considered for interview. Applications submitted with transcripts that do not list a conferred degree awarded will not be considered.

Staff Positions

Documentation of required educational requirements stated in the vacancy notice must be electronically attached to your application to be considered for an interview.

International Degrees

Transcripts from international institutions will not be considered. International degree evaluations consisting of a course-by-course analysis must be attached in lieu of transcripts for degrees earned outside the United States.

Note: Copies of college diplomas will be accepted for those positions specifically stating acceptance of high school diploma or GED, if applicant has not attended college. IMPORTANT: Transcripts from a college website may be accepted if they clearly indicate the name of the institution, student’s name, and degree conferral date (if applicable).


Melonie Gurley

Human Resources Coordinator

Tina Patton

Staff Secretary
(256) 551-7278