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Drake State extends deadline for high school grads in need of college prep

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Starting college can be an exciting experience, but it could make some incoming freshmen feel unprepared. Drake State’s Fast Track Academy is a 7-week summer program for recent high school graduates who need additional math and English instruction to better prepare for college.

“This is a free course to help students feel more comfortable about their first day of class,” said Denise Boswell, Adult Education Coordinator. “When students feel prepared, they show confidence. We teach students that math is not a scary subject. It can be learned with the right mindset and technique that they can apply to any subject that challenges them academically.”

The program includes in-person math and English classes, a college orientation course, and testing services to be sure students are receiving the support they need. The application deadline has been extended to June 2.

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