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Drake State CSI Program will match students to six advanced manufacturing companies

The Drake State CSI Advanced Industrial Maintenance (AIM) Program will match six companies with the right students as they pursue a two-year technical associate degree.

The first CSI cohort is for students seeking a degree in industrial maintenance, also known as mechatronics. Industrial Maintenance focuses on problem solving; students learn how to repair machinery and equipment, making sure that things are working well, as well as analyzing the processes and problems when things go wrong.

The participating companies are Boeing, GE Appliances, Lockheed Martin, LSINC, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, and Toyota Alabama Inc.

“This is a program that includes our students in worked based learning programs,” said Karen Ray, Director of Workforce Development program. “It allows them to make a livable wage, go to school and earn a degree at the same time, and gain the skill they need to support their career after they finish the degree.”

To apply to the program, visit

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