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The NAFEO-Amesite Alliance Announces Strategic Five-Year Partnership to Enhance Workforce Education with Drake State Community and Technical College

Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST), a leading artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based learning platform for business and education markets, announces a five-year partnership with Drake State Community and Technical College. This collaboration is notable as Drake State is the first community college and the first higher education institution in Alabama to leverage the NAFEO-Amesite Alliance.

This partnership represents a strategic move for Drake State, allowing it to extend its educational reach beyond traditional classroom settings. It aligns with the college’s commitment to working with regional businesses and addressing local workforce learning needs.

Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, CEO of Amesite, commented on the new partnership. “NAFEO, as the Nation’s only advocacy and membership organization for all HBCUs and predominantly Black institutions, has created an efficient and effective way of engaging the most economically significant cohort of institutions that impact workforce diversity in the United States. We are proud to be part of this Alliance, and to work with members like Drake State. This collaboration is an important step for us in Alabama. Our goal is to extend our learning solutions to NAFEO’s members. This agreement with Drake State is an important part of our commitment to enhancing education through technology.”

Dr. Lezli Baskerville, CEO of NAFEO, said, “The Alliance that we have established with Amesite is yielding favorable results. During this season in particular, when it is so critical for professionals to have certifications that enable them to advance economically, we are looking forward to engaging other NAFEO members, including 106 HBCUs and roughly 70 PBIs. To engage the most diverse cohort possible, NAFEO and our members must be effective online, delivering 95% retention with Amesite technology.”

“Partnering with Amesite enables us to expand our educational capabilities and reach,” said Dr. Patricia Sims, President of Drake State. “This collaboration aligns with our goal to meet and adapt to the changing educational and workforce training requirements in our community.”

The partnership will focus on developing customized learning platforms to meet the specific needs of the regional workforce, offering accessible and high-quality educational resources to support professional development and skills enhancement.