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Drake State Highlights Veteran Student in Honor of Veterans Day 2023

In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to introduce you to Drake State student Dustin Ellis. Dustin’s story is one of dedication, service, and achievement.

Dustin Ellis served in the United States Army from 2009 to 2016. During those seven years, he completed two tours in Afghanistan, serving in a Field Artillery Unit. Like many of our country’s veterans, Dustin’s time in the military was challenging and marked by sacrifice and bravery.

After retiring from the Army in 2016, he embarked on a new mission that led him to Drake State, where he became an outstanding and driven student. Over the years, Dustin earned two separate degrees at Drake State – welding and machine tool – and now he is pursuing a third in engineering design. Turns out the discipline and grit he learned in the military have served him well, helping him achieve his academic goals while working a full-time job in his field of study.

Dustin’s dedication to his education also led him to take on multiple internships and win numerous scholarships. He’s been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, a national honors society. Dustin also graced Drake State’s Dean’s list and President’s list.

When we asked Dustin what helped him make these achievements, he said, “The driving force of inspiration behind my achievements really comes down to my dedication to my family and a want to make the world a better place. While I was deployed, I noticed adjustments that could potentially save lives and with my education from Drake State hopefully, I can help make those adjustments”.

Dustin’s remarkable story isn’t just about academic accomplishments and professional success. It’s also a tale of dedication to his family. He is a loving husband and a devoted father to four children, proving that he not only goes above and beyond in his education and career but also in his personal life.

Dustin certainly faces an exciting future of opportunities after all he has accomplished.  He is a shining example of what it means to serve, to learn, and to grow. Here at Drake State, we are immensely proud to call Dustin a Blue Eagle, and we thank him wholeheartedly for his dedicated service to our country.