Certification to the Govenor's Office

Certification to the Governor's Office

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


On behalf of the entity named below, I certify to the Governor of the State of Alabama that American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“Recovery Act”) funds accepted and disbursed by: J. F. Drake State Technical College (State agency/institution, Recipient or Sub-recipient name here)
will be spent as responsibly and effectively as possible in accordance with the purposes specified in the Recovery program/grant, with the appropriate controls and reporting mechanisms to ensure accountability and transparency in compliance with the Recovery Act. I understand that the Governor has certified to the Federal government that Recovery funds received for Recovery program/grant(s) will be used in a manner appropriate for taxpayer dollars. I am aware that this entity may not accept any portion of Recovery funds unless this certification is made to the Governor. I am also aware that a failure to submit required reports in the manner required by the Federal government may result in the loss of this entity’s ability to expend said Recovery funds. A copy of this certification shall be placed on file with the Office of the Governor.
In addition, I certify that:

  1. The information submitted to the Federal government covered by this certification is reported clearly, completely, accurately, and in a timely manner.
  2. I understand that this entity may be delegated the responsibility for complying with reporting requirements in accordance with Section 1512(c) of the Recovery Act, and other federal guidance for the Recovery program/grants listed below . If applicable, this entity will comply with the reporting requirements of sections 1511, and 1512(c) of the Recovery Act and all regulations or requirements by Federal agencies or Congress pertaining thereto.
  3. Any use of Recovery funds for infrastructure by this entity is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and has received the full review and vetting required by law.
  4. The funds are intended to be used for the stated purposes with the estimated total cost and the amount of covered funds to be posted on the website www.Stimulus.Alabama.gov.
  5. I understand that use of Recovery funds by this entity must comply with any requirement for an environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act.
  6. I understand that a State or local agency may not receive infrastructure investment funding from funds made available in this Act unless this certification is made and posted.
  7. This entity will comply with the grant or contract specific, state or federal requirements for these Recovery funds.
  8. This entity will identify risks and internal controls will be implemented which are expected to be sufficient to mitigate the risk of waste, fraud, and abuse.
  9. I acknowledge that a false statement in this certification may be subject to criminal prosecution, including under 18 U.S.C. §1001.
  10. I also acknowledge that said entity grants or contracts, including certifications provided in connection with such grants, are subject to audit and review by the State Agency or its auditors or investigators and the Examiner of Public Accounts.

I have authority to make this certification on behalf of the applicant entity.

Signature of Certifying Official

Patricia Hughes
Printed Name of Certifying Official

Compliance Officer
Title of Certifying Official

J. F. Drake State Technical College
Name of Entity

84.394 Fiscal Stabilization Funds
Recovery program/grant(s)

Drake_State_Federal_Report_3rd Qtr_2010.xls
Name of Report submitted to Federal Government

October 1, 2010