Employee Directory

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J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College
Phone/Email Directory
All Employees
Main Line (256) 539-8161
Toll Free 1-888-41-DRAKE or 1-888-413-7253


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Email Address

Phone Number



Atchley, Kevin Server Systems Technician kevin.atchley@drakestate.edu 256.551.7299 256.551.3142 I.T. Services

Director of Admissions 256.551.1711 256.551.3142 Admissions
Banks, Debra      Office Professional  debra.banks@drakestate.edu  256.551.3108  256.551.3151  Office of Dean of Instruction 
Dean of Instructional and Student Services
nicole.barnett@drakestate.edu 256.551.3114 256.713.9580
Student Support Services
Instructor Barbering Technology ben.battle@drakestate.edu
256.551.1702   Faculty
Bell, Nicole Instructor Cosmetology Technology nicole.bell@drakestate.edu 256.551.3129 256.539.6439 Faculty
Bulluck, Bruce Operations Director bruce.bulluck@drakestate.edu 256.551.5210 256.551.3151 Operations
Carter, DeLeshia
Accounts Receivable Clerk/Cashier
deleshia.carter@drakestate.edu  256.551.3106   Business Office
Chambers, Kemba
Interim President
kemba.chambers@drakestate.edu  256-551-3117  256-539-7383 Office of the President
Chance, Katie Human Resources Specialist katie.chance@drakestate.edu 256.551.5214  256.551.3133  Human Resources
Assistant to the Dean of Fiscal Affairs
audrey.chavers@drakestate.edu  256-551-1719  256-539-5439 Business Office
Clark, Adam Machine Tool Technology Instructor adam.clark@drakestate.edu 256.551.3144 256.539.6439 Faculty
Clark, Taska  Secretary to the Dean of Instruction
taska.clark@drakestate.edu  256.551.3122  256.551.3151  Office of the Dean 
Clift, Carla Director of Library Services carla.clift@drakestate.edu 256.551.3120 256.551.3134 Library and Technical Center
Collie, Richard Director of Student Support Services richard.collie@drakestate.edu 256.551.5203 256.551.1714 Student Services/TRIO
Cross, Tomeka Career Placement tomeka.cross@drakestate.edu 256.551.7264
Job Placement
Daley, Monika Administrative Assistant monika.daley@drakestate.edu 256.551.3117 256.539.7383 Office of the President
Drake, Marlo Accounts Payable marlo.drake@drakestate.edu 256.551.5224 256.551.3135 Business Office
Dawkins-Falter, Amy
Public Relations Director
256.551.3136   Student Support Services
Echols, Darrell Culinary Arts Instructor darrell.echols@drakestate.edu  256.551.5204   Faculty 
Echols, Nell  Administrative Assistant  nell.echols@drakestate.edu  256.427.5701  256.427.5725  Office of Workforce Development 
Information & Communication Technology Instructor ronald.egson@drakestate.edu 256.551.3128   Faculty 
Farrar, Victoria  Office Professional
victoria.long@drakestate.edu  256.551.7268    Maintenance 
Fisch, Gail Adult Education Instructor gail.fisch@drakestate.edu 256.551.5212 256.539.6439 Adult Education
Forbes, Ed Communication Skills ed.forbes@drakestate.edu 256.551.1707 256.539.6439 Faculty
Garner, LeKeisha  Restricted Funds Accountant  Lekeisha.garner@drakestate.edu  256.551.7269  256.539.6439  Business Office 
College Counselor denise.gaymon@drakestate.edu 256.551.1710    Counseling 
Gohanna, Symmetris English Instructor gohanna.symmetris@drakestate.edu 256.551.3115 256.551.3151 Faculty
Goodloe, Lardell Electrical Instructor lardell.goodloe@drakestate.edu 256.551.3157 256.551.3151 Faculty
Green, Ryan Welding Instructor ryan.green@drakestate.edu 256.551.3152 256.551.3151 Faculty
Green, Tiffany  Enrollment Services Manager tiffany.green@drakestate.edu  256.551.7265  256.551.1714 Student Support Services 
Green, Vickie Nursing Instructor vickie.green@drakestate.edu

ext.  378

256.539.6439 Faculty
Grissim, Bob Drafting & Design Technology robert.grissim@drakestate.edu 256.551.3145 256.551.6439 Faculty
Hambrick, Neoka Veterans Affairs/Financial Aid Clerk neoka.ivey@drakestate.edu 256.551.3127 256.551.3123 Financial Aid
Hampton, Darlene  Office Professional      darlene.hampton@drakestate.edu      256.551.7277    Admissions 
Harlow, Victor Client Systems Technician victor.harlow@drakestate.edu 256.551.3126   I.T. Services
Harris, Katrina Staff Accountant katrina.harris@drakestate.edu 256.551.3106 256.551.3135 Business Office
Henderson, Carolyn Mathematics Instructor carolyn.henderson@drakestate.edu 256.551.3140 256.539.6439 Faculty
Henry, Dexter Heating & Air Conditioning Technology dexter.henry@drakestate.edu 256.551.3138 256.539.6439 Faculty
Holmes, Khalid Biology Instructor khalid.holmes@drakestate.edu 256.551.1708 256.539.6439 Faculty
Hyman, Jan Program Assistant jan.hyman@drakestate.edu 256.551.3156 256.551.1704 Health Sciences
Inglis, Melinda  Career Coach
melinda.inglis@drakestate.edu 256-551-7263
Jackson, Terell Staff Secretary  terell.jackson@drakestate.edu 256.551.7267 256.551.3133 Office of the President
Jones, Donyale Secretary donyale.jones@drakestate.edu 256.551.3116 256.551.3142 Student Services
Ksepka, Nick Coordinator of I.T. Services nick.ksepka@drakestate.edu 256.551.3126 256.551.3142 I.T. Services
Lam, Thuy Practical Nursing thuy.lam@drakestate.edu 256.551.3706 256.539.6439 Faculty
Library Circulation
  256.551.5208-x175   Library and Technology Center
Library Reference and Information     256.551.5207-x171   Library and Technology Center
Little, Brandy  Program Assistant  brandy.little@drakestate.edu  256.551.1703  256.551.3151  Title III 
McCarty, Shawn Maintenance Staff shawn.mccarty@drakestate.edu 256.551.1705   Maintenance
McLaughlin, Scotty Automotive Mechanics Technology scotty.mclaughlin@drakestate.edu 256.551.3143 256.539.6439 Faculty
Milling, Deborah Practical Nursing deborah.milling@drakestate.edu 256.551.3158 256.539.6439 Faculty
Milton, Sammie Maintenance Staff sammie.milton@drakestate.edu 256.551.1705 256.539.6439 Maintenance
Morrison, Bruce Clerk bruce.morrison@drakestate.edu 256.551.3113 256.539.6439 Financial Aid
O’Linger, Jennifer Director of Financial Aid jennifer.olinger@drakestate.edu 256.551.3127 256.551.3123 Financial Aid
Patton, Tina Office Professional  tina.patton@drakestate.edu  256.551.7278  256.551.3133  Human Resources 
Raymond, Alice Dean of Institutional Effectiveness/Title III alice.raymond@drakestate.edu 256.551.3148 256.551.3151 Institutional Effectiveness/Title III
Rentz, Joyce Dean of Instruction joyce.rentz@drakestate.edu 256.551.1712 256.551.4151 Instruction
Settlers, Brandy  Pre-Admissions Coordinator  brandy.settlers@drakestate.edu  256.551.3110    Admissions 
Shotts, Lesley Research & Grants Coordinator lesley.shotts@drakestate.edu 256.551.5206
Institutional Effectiveness/Title III
Singh, Jerry  Database Analyst jerry.singh@drakestate.edu  256.551.7280    IT Services
Smothers, Deloris Office Systems Technology deloris.smothers@drakestate.edu 256.551.3155 256.539.6439 Faculty



Stapler, Lesley-Anne  Office Proffessional  lesley.eng@drakestate.edu  256-551-7270  256-551-3123  Financial Aid
Stewart, Verlindsey Office Systems Technology verlindsey.stewart@drakestate.edu 256.551.3139   Faculty
Taylor, Docquinn N.
Reading Instructor
docquinn.taylor@drakestate.edu 256.551.3154 256.551.1714 Faculty
Thomas, Chiquita
Assistant to the Dean of Student Support Services
  Student Support Services
Treadway, Kristin Assistant Director of Admissions
kristin.treadway@drakestate.edu 256.551.3111 256.551.3142 Admissions
Turley, Gil Accountant gil.turley@drakestate.edu 256.551.3105 256.539.6439 Business Office
Vick, Lisa  TRiO Program Assistant  lisa.vick@drakestate.edu  256.551.7279    TRiO 
Waddell, Karol Training Specialist  karol.waddell@drakestate.edu  256.551-9503    Ready To Work 
Walker, Letitia Receptionist letitia.walker@drakestate.edu 256.551.3100 256.539.6439 Business Office
Winchester, Brandi


brandi.winchester@drakestate.edu 256.551.3137 256.551.3149 Faculty
Winn, Russell Humanities russell.winn@drakestate.edu 256.551.3121 256.551.3151 Faculty
Winter, Charles  Maintenance Staff  charles.winter@drakestate.edu  256.551.1705    Maintenance